How to get your apartments to the top?

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Every time when a client is looking for accommodation on the site, a unique list of search results which corresponds to the request by date and number of people – created for their.
What place in this list will occupy your apartment depends on certain parameters, which you can influence directly.
The site does not provide paid advertising and owners can influence the position of housing on the site providing the best prices and high quality service for guests.

We will analyze in details how to use the functionality of the site in order to attract as many guests as possible.


Next, we consider each item separately.

• The number of confirmed orders and their ratio with canceled
If you cancel your booking more often than confirm, your rating on the site will be quite low. This is the first and most important point. So, adhering to the rule – confirm as many requests as possible and do not reject them, do not cancel confirmed by payment reservation, – you will ensure a reliable position on the front pages of the site.

• Participation in the expert program
The apartments of the owners who have already managed to earn the status of a verified owner will be the first to show the guests upon sorting on the site, in other words – the owner became the Expert.

What is an Expert program and how to get into it – you will learn from the section dedicated to this topic

• Work in instant booking mode
If you are just starting to work with us and you still need to work hard before participating in the Expert program, the functionality that will move your apartments from the last to the first positions of the site is instant booking mode (online).
It is incredibly convenient for a guest – to know that their can book a liked apartment without additional clarifications and a long wait for an answer upon request.

Read about the advantages of online booking here.

• Work with guest reviews and their number
A simple and understandable component of the apartment rating is an apartment rating based on reviews from real guests.
The feedback of each guest affects the overall rating, so do not forget to remind guests at the check-out that if they liked everything – you will be very grateful for the positive assessment of the apartment on the site.
You, in turn, need to work with each review in the “Reviews” section, with both positive and negative. That is why you are given the opportunity to comment on each of them in the previously mentioned section of your personal account.

See more details about the reviews here.

• Comprehensive information about the apartment
Our developers have tried and created for you quite capacious, but at the same time allowing you not to lose sight, the process of adding an apartment to the site.
Your purpose – to fill in information about the apartment at 100%.
Please note that the “Description” and “House Rules” sections were filled in exhaustively and the attributes of each of the rooms, including the bathroom, in the second editing step were entered.
Do not forget to mark the checkboxes of the provision of particular additional services.

More specifics – read about where there are sections and what we advise to write in them here.

• The presence of verified photographs and video review of the apartment
A beautiful picture and, in our case, the photographs of your apartment – a showcase which will be checked out by the guest first of all.
Download as many varied (from different angles) photos of each room in your apartment, as well as the view from the window and the facade of the house. The main condition – the photos must be of high quality. Smeared, taken in hurry photos on the phone and even in poor lighting, do not raise your rating, that’s for sure.

Good news for owners who have received their first reviews on the apartment. Dobovo can provide you with a free photo session + video review of the apartment. And if there are no reviews yet, we will give you the number of our professional photographer who will make you wonderful photos for a fee.

More information about verified photos and videos here.

• Video interview with a personal manager
It is now fashionable and useful among the owners to share the experience with their colleagues and to contact potential guests directly with the help of video or rather video interview.

What is a video interview? A pleasant conversation in a relaxed atmosphere with a personal manager. Then the video is uploaded to Dobovo channel on YouTube, the group on Facebook and directly to the page of your apartment in “About the owner” information block.

Read about how to prepare for a video interview and why it increases the guest’s confidence to the owner here.

• The presence of “About me” information
The filled profile of the owner causes much more confidence of the guests, unlike the empty profile with the dull “Rent” name on the apartment page.

That is why you need to come up with a concise and memorable name of the company (your brand). If this is absent – enter your name. Next, upload your photo and describe your activity in a nutshell.

How to add information about yourself – see here.
How to change the name of the company – read here.

• Number and size of discounts for the duration of stay
It is always nice to get a discount by buying something in bulk.
Offer to guests a discount for the duration of the reservation starting from two days or more.
The rating is directly affected by the number of discounts, even if their size and difference between them are insignificant.

How to set discounts for the duration of treatment – see and read here.

• Number and flexibility of active offers

Statistics show that orders for apartments with Hot offers are made 30% more often than for apartments without offers.
In order for your apartments to score the maximum number of displays on the first pages, set up hot offers for specific dates for several months in advance.

Follow here for detailed information about this functionality. 

Two more points that directly affect its formation:

– competitive prices (assess the market adequately and always analyze your competitors);
– the regularity of updating the availability calendar (close unavailable dates and raise prices on holidays in a timely manner).

Why the rating of your apartments can be reduced?


The rating is significantly reduced if you cancel the reservation confirmed by the prepayment, as a result of which – the guest receives moral disappointment and a penalty in the amount of half price per day of the apartment is assigned to your account.
Despite the fact that if you cancel the order with “Pending” status penalties are absent, the rating of apartments on the site will still be slightly reduced.

If your account has a debt to Dobovo for bookings without prepayment – this will also appear negatively on your rating.

More detailed information is described here.

We also offer you to read “Booking” section.