Benefits and main conditions of working on “Instant” booking mode

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You’re presented with two types of sales:
“Instant” – is welcomed by the system and is sold foremost – the sales without your confirmation, according to your apartments availability calendar. Attention! “Available” apartment requires updating the apartments availability calendar on site with EVERY new booking of your apartment. In other words, there should be a full correspondence between the availability calendar of your apartment and the availability calendar on the DOBOVO BOOKING CENTER.

“On request” – sales only after your confirmation. You’re getting requests sent to your e-mail and can confirm them on your control panel.

Working on “Instant” booking mode gives you an opportunity to get significantly more orders from Dobovo Booking Center, considering your apartment is on the top of the search list and the client has a direct access to your actual availability calendar of the apartment he/she chose.

To work with maximum productivity on “Instant” mode it’s enough to just regularly update your apartments availability calendar.
The main flaw of working on “On request” mode is low competitive ability of your flat: it’s on the bottom of the search results list and attracts much less attention.

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