How to set discounts for the length of stay?

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DOBOVO Booking Center offers you setting an optimal discounts system for attracting the clients, who choose a stay longer than a few days. On this page we offer you setting up the discounts depending on the length of stay of 2 – 3 – 7 – 10 – 14 days or one month.
Our system implies fully automatic booking of the apartments ONLINE, so we’re welcoming the availability of discounts in %% depending on the length of stay. For example, if you’re ready to offer a 3% discount for a 2 days booking or 20% for a 30 days booking – you can easily state that in the Discounts section, choosing the apartment/apartments you need and making the changes in the corresponding fields.

You can set discounts for any amount of days from 2 to 31. To do it press on “3 days” link, “7 days” etc. (watch screenshot), and the additional discounts settings will appear.

Please note that discounts are available for any dates, i.e. on holidays you should raise the prices in “Prices and Availability” section, if there’s a need.

Video tutorial about setting up discount system for your apartments on