How to prepare for the interview? 

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An interview is one of our favorite ways to communicate with the best hosts of Kyiv. This is an opportunity for potential customers to “get acquainted” with the owner whose apartment they can book. The availability of video is not only a significant advantage for the guest when they are choosing an apartment, but it also raises the rating of all the owner’s apartments on the website. In fact, participating in the interview means that potential tenants will see your apartments on top of the search results.

The video is displayed on the page of each apartment, under the block with information about the owner:


and on the YouTube channel

What can you tell during the interview? 
First of all, we would like you to share your experience in the field of short-term rent. For instance, which standards do you set for your apartments, how do you work with clients, whether you have bonuses for regular guests and so on. Also, it is essential for guests to know that in case of force-major they can always contact the owner and he will give them any help. So, during the interview, you can mention that you are in touch 24/7. We suggest you consider the video as an opportunity to reach potential guests; this is a kind of “preliminary acquaintance.” 

Secondly, Dobovo is actively working to create a community of owners that share their experiences and help each other to improve their services. In the interview, we would like to know what advantages you get from Expert status and so on. Besides this, how do you work with customer feedback, how to communicate with demanding guests, what were the amusing cases in your practice.

How to prepare for the interview? 
If you would like to participate in a video interview, but do not quite understand how to prepare for it correctly, we have made several tips. 

  • You will talk about the business that you have been doing for some time and which you like, so do not worry that you will have nothing to tell about; 
  • If you haven’t thought about standards which you set for your apartments, answer yourself to the question: what should be in the flat so that I can offer it to the guest? Think about your answers before the interview, as you will have the opportunity to see the list of questions before the shooting begins; 
  • Expose an idea that you would like to convey to those who watch the video; 
  • Remember that you can always change some parts of the interview if you do not like the way you responded to the answer. Besides, the captured video will be mounted, selected fragments will be cut out, and before adding it to the site, you can view the video and make edits
  • Prepare an apartment for shooting: a pleasant bonus for the owner will be that a professional photographer will take high-quality photos of the flat, as well as a short video review. To show the apartment from the best side, pay attention to the advice of specialists

Owners who have already participated in the interview note that the availability of video significantly raises their rating on the website. 
We offer you to see the interview with Dobovo best owners and if you would like to take part in the project, just contact your manager for organizing the shooting.