How do I state special booking conditions on selected dates?

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To state special booking conditions on selected dates you need to go to Control panel, Prices and Availability section. First, choose the apartment and then click to the dates that you need. You can set the following conditions of booking:


1. Availability. You can mark your apartment as an available, not available or pending. Read more here.

2. Price. You can set price that you need for certain dates and not to change the total cost of the apartment. This feature is especially useful if you want to raise the price on weekends and holidays. Read more here.

3. Booking type. You can set your apartment in On request mode for certain dates if you are not sure that it will be free on certain dates. Or, if you are sure your offline apartment will be free and want to increase the chance that it will be reserved, you can set it into a mode of instant booking. Dobovo recommends to work in Instant mode. Read more here.

4. Min stay/with connections. You can set special conditions for a minimum booking on certain dates. Set the minimum conditions of booking with a connection at convenient for you time. More information about minimum booking and connections.

5. Cancellation policy. The number of days which you accept for cancellation by the client for free. All the information about the cancellation policy you can find here.

Video tutorial about “Prices and Availability” page managing on