Cancellation policy: general information

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Cancellation policy is a period of time given to the guests when they can cancel their order for your apartment without penalties, i.e. prepayment they’ve made as a guarantee of their check-in, will be returned to them. Optimal cancellation policy – 7 nights before the check-in. That means if the guests cancel their booking in less than 7 nights before the check-in, the prepayment they’ve made will be taken as a penalty for canceling the booking and sent to you after deducting Dobovo commission.

If you want to set a no-return cancellation policy for your apartments, just enter – 0 in a corresponding field. It means that the prepayment guests make as a guarantee of their check-in can’t be returned under any circumstances.
To edit your Cancellation policy, enter the data you need in the “Cancellation policy” section on your control panel.