How to update the availability calendar correctly?

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If the availability calendar has been updated for more than 24 hours all owners’ apartments that are in Instant booking mode switch to the On request mode for the next 7 days. If the calendar has not been updated for more than 48 hours, the apartments switch to the On request mode for the next 14 days in the availability calendar, 3 days – 21 days, 4 days – 28 days, 5 or more days – 31 days.
In order for your apartments to remain at the top of the site and have a high rating, you must regularly confirm the relevance of the availability calendar.

The availability calendar for a particular apartment is considered actual if any change in schedule has been made.
It means that was changed:
– availability;
– price;
– booking type;
– min stay / with connections;
– cancellation policy.

You do not need to update the calendar after making changes.

If changes to the apartment are not made, you need to update the availability calendar in another way.

– go to the Owner’s Control Panel;
– select the Prices & Availability section;
– check off all apartments and click on the top (above the calendar) My calendar is up-to-date button.
After that, it will be written that the availability calendar is updated today on your download calendar page – this will increase the level of confidence of potential guests in your apartments.


In the Owner’s Control Panel on the Main page, click the Update calendar and be on top of search results button.
The button can be pressed once every 5 minutes. It updates the availability calendar for all of your apartments on the site.


This functionality was launched in order to avoid possible overlays in the reservation in case you did not have time to mark the availability of your apartments. A daily calendar update enables your apartments to stay in the Instant booking mode, increase their rating on the site and receive more orders.

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