What is minimum stay and connections?

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We’re recommending you to make a maximally flexible booking conditions. If you accept minimum stay of 5 nights, state that in the minimum stay field, and if you’re ready to accept booking for 3 nights with connection to the already existing booking – state that in the connections field (on apartments editing page in Apartments section, or in additional settings in your availability calendar).


5/3 means that DOBOVO can send you a booking of five nights minimum, or from 3 nights if the booking is connecting to already existing one (either check-in of the new client will happen on the day of the check-out of the existing one, or the check-out of the new client will happen on the day of check-in of the existing one). For example: you already have a booking with check-in on July 5 and check-out on July 8 (3 nights). New booking is considered “with connection” if its check-out is on the July 8 (for example from July 5 to July 8), or its check-in is on the July 15 (for example from July 15 to July 18).

NB: Please note that in case your apartment is available from the current day, it can be booked from a current day for a current day for the amount of nights listed in the “with connection” fields, because the system doesn’t count the minimum stay nights amount in bookings for a current say.
Also the system ignores the limit for the minimum stay if the connection is happens “from both sides”. It means that if you have a 5 nights minimum stay and there’s a booking from 1st to 7th and from 9th to 15th, the system will allow the booking from 7th to 9th, ignoring the limits you’ve set.

If you surely don’t want to provide a stay for a period shorter than the one you’ve set – we recommend you to turn off this option. You can do it on your apartments edition page. To turn off the ignoring you need to take away the mark from the “ignore the minimum stay with two-sided connection” and “Ignore the minimum number of nights stay when ordering from today on the same day” fields.