What to do if a client cancels the order?

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Clients can cancel orders, made on dobovo.com. This can happen because of different reasons – they can change their mind about the apartment or cancel the trip at all.
We recommend you to foresee such situations and launch the most suitable cancellation policy. Consequently, if the guest cancels the order later than the cancellation policy allows, you will get the compensation in the amount of the deposit guests have already made after deducting Dobovo commission. In the meantime, you can resolve all the deposit issues in the mutual order. For example, if you agree, we can return deposit to the guest after your letter approval.

What goes next?

After the clients cancel the order, we inform you about it via e-mail.
Dates in the calendar opens up automatically – you don’t have to make it manually. If your apartment is available for Online booking mode, these dates will be open for this type of booking. If you work in “On the request” mode, these dates will be also on the request.
Pay attention: the canceled order will be displayed in the orders page as the canceled one.
If you want your apartment to be booked once again, set the discount or special offer and make it available for the online booking. In this case, it will be displayed higher in the search results list and guests can see it one of the first.