What is Expert+ program?

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Expert+ program is an opportunity for the owners to receive more bookings every day.

It was made for owners who provide the best service to customers, receive many successful bookings from Dobovo and are popular among guests.
Also, added to the Expert+ program apartments have a special % icon on the site


So what is Expert+ program?

It is an additional 10% discount (you provide it to customers at your own expense). It is added to the other discounts and offers that you set on your apartments. Despite the fact that prices for apartments are lower, the rating on our site significantly increases. Consequently, you get several times more bookings.

Not all guests can book your apartments with a discount, it can do only those who are also members of Expert program – clients who have used Dobovo service many times.

Read more about how to become a member of the Expert program and add the apartments to the program.