What are discounts for?

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Dobovo.com functional allows changing the price for a selected period for every flat in various ways.
For example, you can raise the prices for selected dates through the Prices and Availability section. If you want to make a special discount offer for a low season – we recommend doing it through the Offers & Discounts section: that way you will be able to attract more attention from the clients to the fact that you’re making them a good offer. If you place an Offer, it will be displayed in the form of a crossed-out base price and a new value written in red on the apartment card:

Discounts functional is mainly made to give a client an opportunity to see the relevant price for a longer term of the booking. If you set a discount where the percentage depends on the length of the stay, choosing the dates the guest will see that if they book your apartment for a longer-term, they will get a lower price.

Also, we would like to remind you that the amount of discounts and hot offers is strongly influencing the rating of your apartment.

Video tutorial about setting up a discount system for your apartments on Dobovo.com: