How can I become a member of Expert program?

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If you want and are ready to become a member of the Expert program and increase the rating of your apartments, then we expect that you will meet the following criteria:

You have 5 confirmed* orders for the last 12 months of cooperation;
You have no canceled confirmed** orders for the past 12 months;
The average rating of all your apartments based on guest reviews should be at least 8.0 points;
The minimum percentage of guest reviews about apartments is 20%;
The minimum percentage of responses to reviews from guests is 30%;
You have set at least 2 discounts for up to 3 nights (inclusive);
A photo of the owner is uploaded to the personal account.

If you meet all the above parameters, the system will automatically make you a member of the Expert program.

* the guests lived in your apartments for all these orders.
** guests made an advance payment on these orders.

You can see your result in the Expert program on the main page of the Owner’s control panel.
When you click on some indicators, you can immediately go to their filters:
You can also see the result of the program through the EXPERT section in the Owner’s control panel:

By clicking on the link with the number of orders in Your current score column in the Processed orders field, you will be taken to the filter page with all Processed orders:

Also, you can check all canceled orders in the same way:

Average rating of apartments:

List of all reviews that were left without your answer:

And the ability to set discounts on apartments:

By checking these indicators you can understand what criteria you need to pay more attention to in order to become an Expert.