How can I connect my apartments to the Expert program?

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You will always see your progress in the Expert program on the main page of the Hotelier control panel. As soon as the conditions of the program are met and you become an Expert on Dobovo, you will have the opportunity to add the apartments to the program.

This can be done directly on the main page by clicking on Add apartments to the Expert program button:

You can also check your progress in the program in the EXPERT section:

If you have already received the Expert status, then a list of all your apartments that can be added to the program will appear under the table with the results.
Here you can choose which apartment you want to connect or add all apartments to the program at once by switching the uppermost toggle switch (the green switch means that the apartment is added to the Expert program):

Having added the apartment to Expert program, you will receive the new Expert+ status.
Added to the program apartments go higher in the search list on the site, and the % sign is added to the Expert owner stamp.