Why were my apartments hidden on the site?

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If you did not update the availability schedule, did not change the cost and did not confirm the orders for the apartment for 2 years, then the system will automatically hide it from the site.
In this case, you will receive a letter notifying about the suspension of the publication of the apartment on the site.

In oder to resume work you need
Fill availability calendar (How to update the availability calendar correctly?), update price (How to change the basic price for the apartment? / How to change the price of the apartment for a selected period? / Discounts and offers) and booking conditions (Editing the minimum stay / How do I state special booking conditions on selected dates? / Prices and availability).

After that – publish the apartment again.

To return an apartment on the site go to the Owner’s control panel, the Apartments – All apartments section and click the blue icon in the Action column:


Then confirm the action of returning the apartment to the site:


You can also open the apartment for editing and put the cross in the Hide apartment on the website in the first step at the bottom of the page:


The apartment will be shown on the site during the day.

Dobovo.com offers the most flexible setting of reservation conditions for owners. The fact that the apartment availability schedule is not updated negatively affects the rating of apartments on the site and the experience of using the service by guests.
If you need more detailed advice on working with your personal account, contact your personal manager on Dobovo.com