What should I do if I can not accommodate guests due to force majeure?

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In case of force majeure circumstances, try to accommodate the guests to an alternative apartment, offer guests a discount/compensation as an apology for the inconvenience.
In case there are no alternatives or they do not suit the guest – contact Dobovo support.

ATTENTION: If you contact Dobovo support, you will need to provide proof of force majeure.

What is considered a force majeure situation?
– flooding the apartment by neighbors;
– emergency shutdown of hot and/or cold water in the house;
– theft of property;
– fire in the house.
 and so on.

We are ready to consider as evidence any photo/video confirmation of the force majeure situation, as well as documents/receipts/public service announcements.

In order to apply for cancellation of a booking without penalty, due to force majeure circumstances – contact your personal manager whose contacts are indicated in your personal account.

Each application is considered on an individual basis and accepted at the discretion of the Dobovo service.