What should I do if the booked apartment does not correspond to website information?

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The placement of real photos and actual descriptions is an obligatory condition for cooperation of apartment owners with Dobovo.com service. In case you have found inconsistencies upon check-in – breakage, dirtiness, significant differences in reality from the posted photos, etc. – contact Dobovo support immediately. Let us know what is wrong and provide photos or videos confirming this. Remember that the prompt provision of information will help us to solve your problem as soon as possible. We will provide you with compensation in the amount of 50% of the price per one night, help you to find alternative accommodation options, and also work with the apartment owner.

Many questions can be solved directly with the owner. Read more in the article: How do I report something’s wrong when I check in?

Also do not forget that if you have booked an apartment and lived in it, then you have the opportunity to leave a review that will be posted on the site and is visible to the owner of the apartment and to the rest of the guests. More information on how to leave a review about the apartment read in the article: How can I leave a review about an apartment?