How can I leave a review about an apartment?

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Dobovo booking center provides an opportunity for every guest to share an opinion about the apartment. If you had a booking on and mentioned your e-mail address, we will send you a letter in one day after check-out and ask you to leave a review.

You will see a few fields to fill after clicking “Reply to 4 questions” the button. First, answer a question about your staying in a selected apartment. If you didn’t stay in the apartment which was mentioned in your booking, we recommend you to contact our support center and tell about it. Just tell us your booking number, and we will send you a link where you can leave a review about the apartment where you actually stayed.

You can also mention that you haven’t used our accommodation.

Next, you should mark the following criteria of the apartment: Staff, Services/Facilities, Cleanness, Comfort, Value for money, Location. You can give a rating from 1 to 4, where 1 is the worst and 4 is the best.

Next step for you is to give us an answer about the corresponding of the photos to the reality. You can mention that: photos are: completely the same as in reality, very likely as in a reality, somewhat correspond to reality and do not correspond to reality. The last one can mean that there were another furniture in the apartment, bad conditions or it was much worse compared to photos

Next step: tell us about what you like and dislike – please, write about pluses and minuses of the apartment. This information is very important to us and other clients. The unique experience that you will share with us can change the decision of people who will book this apartment after you.

At the next step we would ask you to tell us about the main reason why did you select this apartment, what was a purpose for your stay and what was your personal status during your stay. You can mention your name in the review or stay anonymous.

You can send a review to us after filling all the fields. It will be published during 24 hours. After this, we will inform you via e-mail. Please, be honest and objective. Don’t use personal insulting and swearing. And remember: your opinion is very important for us!