What are the automatic discounts?

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After receiving each confirmed booking there will be sent a letter at your e-mail with a proposal to set automatic discounts on dates, which are connected to the verified order. 

Using references in this letter, you can easily put up discount offers for dates before and after order that is already confirmed. It will not only help boost the apartments, but also increase the occupancy rate and avoid downtime.
Apartment’s price per day is specified in the letter, and includes the commission for a reservation made for a certain number of days.

In the example above, when you click on the first marked link, the discount will be automatically set  for 2 days prior to Dobovo customers’ check-in at a rate of 5%.
When you click on the second marked link in the example, the discount will be automatically set for 4 days at a rate of 15%.
The cost will be relevant only for the days you choose. Bookings for the other days will not include the discount.

Automatic discounts greatly simplify the work with discount offers and increase position of apartments in the search results.