Changing price in confirmed booking

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According to terms of cooperation with Dobovo, price that you set to your apartment cannot be changed. These are the prices that your guests see on the site and which are guiding for booking.

We advise not to change the price in the booking that guest has confirmed with prepayment. This can enter the guest astray because he confirms the order to have the confidence in  availability of the apartment and its price. Despite of all, the circumstances that may change price, you should always look after the availability of your apartments and keep the calendar up-to-date.

However, if you forced to change the price in the confirmed booking, inform the guest as soon as you see a notice about booking. Please notify the guest via phone or e-mail, because we need a written confirmation.

If the guest will agree with this, please let us know – text us to Specify the new amount of the order and the fact that the guest agreed with it.

Guests could not be happy and they can ask Dobovo for a compensation if you are changing the price in confirmed booking. The terms of cooperation with the owner do not involve this payment, so we need to subtract it from your balance.

For this reason, we recommend checking the prices as often as possible, and in case of any possible changes specify it to your control panel.