Synchronization with Google calendar

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We all know about the advantages of instant booking, but not all owners are hesitant to go into this, of course, the most effective mode of managing because they fear of overbookings and lack of opportunity to manage the schedule not at home.

We know that the process of conducting the schedule can be made easier without losing access to it and will be happy to help you with the creation and customization of calendars by phone, videoconference, or in our office (by appointment).

What do we need?

  • Smart phone (android)
  • gmail
  • Computer to adjust the calendar.

The most easy service is google.calendar


  • it is free
  • simple
  • viewing and editing data from your phone
  • an opportunity to synchronize your calendar with Dobovo.

1. Log in to your account gmail. If you do not have a mailbox in gmail, you must create it.
2. Go to the Calendar app

3. In your calendar it is now necessary to create a separate calendar for each apartment:

To do this, click the “Create Calendar” button

When you create a calendar, you have to:

  • Fill in the name of the calendar. It can be the address of the apartment, or your code to refer to it.
  • Select the checkbox “Share this calendar” and “Share only my free and busy information (hide details)” so the data is exported exclusively about availability information.
  • Click “Save calendar at the bottom of the page” button.

For each apartment, you have to create a separate calendar. In the example below, we created a calendar for the four apartments and chose the viewing the month period:


Next, you need to fill in the calendar availability. How to manage schedule in google calendar?

To view and edit the calendar on your phone it will be enough to get your gmail account on your mobile device, open the calendar and synchronize data.

Next, the most simple – export the calendar

To do this:
1. Open the calendar settings of apartment:

2. At the bottom of the page there is a button ICal
3. Click on it and copy the link:

4. Go to the personal cabinet on Dobovo section Pricing and Availability -> Sync schedule
5. Choose an apartment
6. Paste the link
7. Save

Dobovo Calendar will be updated every 8 – 15 minutes, and only receive information about availability of the apartment.