How to manage schedule in google calendar?

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To fill the schedule on Google calendar for every booking you have to create an “Event”.

Below we will show how to do this using a computer or mobile phone.

1. Google Calendar Edit on the computer:

Click on check-in date and then click “Edit event” button:

When you create an event you should specify:

  • Name (guest’s name and contact information, payment amount). We created the calendar with limited data for exports (by selecting “Open access only to information about available or not available time (hide details)”. You can write the names and contact customers directly in the “Events” – the data will not be transmitted while exporting. You will be able to see all the contact details when viewing calendar from phone.
  • Select a calendar in the apartment in which reservation was made.
  • To note that the apartment will not be available for chosen dates.
  • Save event on the calendar.

You can view the calendar separately for each apartment and in general.


2. Google Calendar on phone:

To view and edit the calendar on your phone, just log into your gmail account on your mobile device, open the calendar and synchronize data:

With your phone you can always edit or delete any event or add a new one.

To do this, click on the red button in the lower right corner, and then select the calendar of the apartment, enter the name of the event, dates and set the mode to “All Day” and choose the status “Busy”:

This booking will appear in the calendar on your mobile and any device that uses your e-mail account.