How to comment on the guest’s review correctly?

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Statistics show that most of the guests pay attention to reviews about the apartments when they are looking for accommodation. On Dobovo site each owner can comment on the guest’s review, who lived in their apartment and wished to share the experience. It is important to understand that the feedback left is not only an opportunity to thank for staying in your apartment or to respond constructively to a comment, but also to contact potential tenants. In addition, commenting on the guest’s review increases the apartment rating on the site. For these reasons, the owner of the apartment needs to know how to respond to the reviews and respond to them correctly.


How to respond to positive review?
Positive review not only affects the rating, but also is an indicator of quality for potential guests. In this case, most owners ignore the positive reviews, although they also need to be answered. Such reviews deserve no less attention than negative ones, and the response to them – increases the reputation of the landlord in the customers eyes. We recommend you to follow the following pattern upon answering a positive guest review:
– thank the guest for the living in the apartment and a good review;
– refer to their by name – it’s always pleasant;
– invite to stay in your apartment when the guest is back in your city;
– do not respond in a stereotyped way, try to write different answers to good reviews, showing that you pay attention to each guest.


How to respond to negative reviews
Negative review is, first of all, an opportunity to improve the service and the quality of the services provided, because they indicate what you need to pay attention to. They should be considered as an incentive for development. The owner, who responds to a negative review – not justified but works on his reputation, which directly affects the number of orders. Of course, not always guests leave a constructive feedback about their residence, but it is necessary to work even with a subjective opinion. Remember that your main goal is to win the trust of potential tenants and maintain your reputation. Upon answering a negative review, do not:
– get personal (your reputation is more expensive than insults – answer constructively for any comments);
– become emotional (even if the subjective guest’s opinion does not match yours, try to answer in a calm state);
– argue with the guest (this will not lead to a positive result).


Instead, we offer you:
– commend for review (do not forget that it is your opportunity to improve the service and reach out to potential guests);
– if the criticism is fair – admit it and answer. Continuous development and improvement is a normal part of the operation of any system;
– report the solution to the problem that the guest described in the review. For example, if he indicated that the hair dryer was broken – write that the situation with the hair dryer has already been successfully solved. This will not only increase the tenant’s loyalty but will also be your advantage over competitors.
Working with negative reviews gives you the opportunity to increase the level of trust in yourself and raise your reputation.


Why is not possible to remove a review on the site?
Each guest has the right to leave a review and share their experience of living. Therefore, all reviews of tenants are published, including negative ones. Our experts note that potential customers are suspicious of the apartments which have only positive comments. Dobovo does not delete guests’ reviews because each review is an opportunity to improve the quality of the services provided, and thus increase the number of orders for apartments. In addition, it is impossible to remove the guest’s review for the reason that this leads only to a decrease in the level of the clients trust. Review – a subjective opinion that may not coincide with yours, but answering it, you confirm a responsible attitude to your activities.
Upon commenting on a review you should not forget that you write the answer, first of all, for potential tenants, and only then – for the guest who left it. We hope that after reading this article you will work with guest reviews easier.