How to pay off debt to Dobovo in case of a negative balance?

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When working with the Dobovo reservation system, you may experience situations when a guest arrives for an order without prepayment and pays the entire amount to you immediately. In this case, the system generates a negative balance for such an order with the amount of the commission you owe to the booking system for the order.
In most cases, such negative balances are overlapped by positive balances on other orders, where guests make a prepayment to the booking system.
If the amount of negative balance sheets for orders does not overlap, you are given the opportunity to pay off the debt to the booking system yourself.

To settle with the booking system, the balance must be confirmed and have “Balance correct” status.

How is the process of debt repayment?

After confirming the balance, a letter will be sent to you by mail where will be indicated the amount of your debt and the proposal to repay it:


You can repay the debt by clicking on the button “Pay off the debt” from the letter or you can do this through the owner’s control panel in the “Finance – Payments” menu by clicking on the “Pay” button in the line with a negative balance:


You will need to confirm all the information after clicking on “Pay” and go to the payment:



After payment, you will see a notification that the payment was successful and is redirected to the control panel in the “Payments” section.
Confirmation of successful payment will be the following letter:


After you clicked on the “Pay” button, the balance is blocked for 15 minutes – temporarily “does not stick together” with other balances.
Each click on the button re-sets the lock for 15 minutes. After this time the balance can “stick together” again (only with the next balance in turn, according to the standards).