What happens to an apartment when canceling an order?

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Cooperation with the Dobovo service implies a responsible approach to posting publications, timely updating of the availability calendar and respect for guests. If these rules are not followed, you can have the need to cancel the order, which will negatively affect your rating and the rating of your apartments on the site.

When you cancel a paid order on your own or through the Dobovo support service, the following consequences arise:
– the dates of the canceled order are automatically closed in the calendar;
– the apartment for which the order was placed is automatically hidden on the site.

Penalties do not apply to orders confirmed without prepayment, but their cancellation also reduces the rating of apartments on the site.

It should also be remembered that the guest will be provided with compensation in the amount of half the cost of the day upon cancellation of a prepaid order, which will be deducted from the following balances for the successful orders of your apartments.