Cancellation of the confirmed booking and penalties

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In a force majeure situation, you can cancel a confirmed booking.

We’re asking you to AVOID situations, where you won’t be able to provide accommodation that has been confirmed by you on DOBOVO platform because in most cases it’s a negative booking experience for the client. It marks the whole reputation of our system and leads to negative consequences for you

DOBOVO company strongly asks you to do everything possible to find a way of solving the accommodation problem, before you make a decision to cancel the booking.

For example:

1. Provide and alternative apartment for the guest.

2. Book a hotel number with the same budget for the guest (talk this through with the guest).

3. Make an offer to the guest to change the dates of the trip, if they have a free trip schedule.

4. Other options, according to which the booking center will assume the accommodation to be successful and there will be no need to return the prepayment.

Contact the guest as soon as possible and offer them one of the options listed above, by e-mail or by the phone.

If you cancel the booking:

1. You lower your percentage of the successful accommodations, which will be displayed in the owners information window, located on the page of your flat ( and all other flats that you have registered).

2. The position of all your flats in the search results will become lower (popularity rating).

3. Due to our Booking Center booking policy, we must compensate the guest their lost time and moral disappointment caused by the owner’s actions. The owner of the flat who is registered on DOBOVO is obliged to compensate the guest half of the first night of stay price (50% of the price). This amount will be deducted from the balance of the successfully finished orders.

4. Dates of the canceled reservation will be automatically closed on the availability calendar.

5. The apartment will be automatically hidden on the site.

Remember, that by lowering your reputation on our booking platform, you’re giving the way to all the owners of the apartments and all proprietors of the properties who are more responsible.

In case you really have no other choice and you will surely proceed with the booking cancellation and won’t find a way out of this situation, we’re asking you to give a detailed description of the cancellation reason that you think is maximally suitable for this situation. Be as correct as possible, because this information will be displayed in the tips to your successful accommodations rate.