What are the consequences of orders cancellation and how to avoid it?

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Dobovo reservation system strives for the best service and encourages you to follow high standards of service!
Remember that by canceling a confirmed with a prepayment reservation, you directly affect your rating and the reputation of the reservation system as a whole.

The owner, who often cancels orders (comparing to other owners in Dobovo system), can receive Anti-Expert status. This status does not allow the owner to cancel orders in the future.
In other words, if you host guests, but the number of cancellations in your account increases, you can get Anti-Expert status.

When the percentage of cancelled orders in relation to the total number of confirmed orders in your account reaches a critical level, you will be able to cancel the order confirmed with prepayment only with the subsequent automatic blocking of your account.

To see all your cancelled orders for a specific period, use the filters in Orders section in your personal account.

In order to avoid obtaining Anti-Expert status, you should guarantee the accommodation of guests in your housing for all confirmed with prepayment reservations.

Use the following tips to reduce the number of cancellations:
– update the availability calendar for the apartment (recommendations in Prices and availability section)
– set the synchronization of calendars with other resources (if possible) (recommendations in Prices and availability section)
– set the relevant price of the apartment (recommendations in Prices and availability section)
– update photos of the apartment and descriptions in case of any changes (recommendations in Add / edit the apartment section)
– if you cannot accommodate the guest, make every effort to search for alternative options, including the booking of an apartment on Dobovo for the guest (recommendations in Booking section)
– use the mobile application for owners, which simplifies working with Dobovo and helps you stay online 24/7 (recommendations in Mobile application Dobovo.com for owners section)

Please note that your statistic includes only cancellations of confirmed with prepayment bookings whether they were cancelled by yourself or by manager according to your request.

Make sure that you are ready to work for the growth of successful accommodations on your account, strive to improve quality and show only high results.