What do the statuses of orders on Dobovo mean?

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In the Reservations section of the partner’s control panel, you can see all the orders that customers have issued.

Also there is an opportunity to filter the reservation by status, city, dates of submitting, payment or accommodation.


Order statuses:
Pending – an advance booking. The client has made an order and can confirm the order by making a prepayment. To make a prepayment the customer has a certain time, which is specified in the order.
Processed – the prepayment has been made to the booking, or the reservation is confirmed without a deposit. The owner’s contacts sent to the guest, and the guest’s contacts to the owner. Expired – time for prepayment or owner’s response upon request, has expired. Booking is not active and the apartment is available on the site again.
Cancelled – the order is cancelled by the guest or by the owner.
Pending – WFAC (Waiting For Availability Confirmation) – the order is waiting for the confirmation the availability of the apartment on request from the owner. This status can only receive an order issued for an apartment in the “On request” mode. If there is no answer from the owner, the order will go to “Expired” status. If the apartment on request is not available, the order will receive “Not available” status and it will be necessary to choose another accommodation option. If the owner confirms the availability of an apartment on request, the order will receive the Pending – AAWFDP status.
Pending – AAWFDP (Apartment Available Waiting For Deposit Payment) – the apartment is free, we expect prepayment.
Not available – the apartment is not available on request, it is necessary to choose another accommodation option.