How to cancel the confirmed booking using the mobile application?

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You can cancel the confirmed by the client order using not only the full version of the Control panel but also through the mobile application.

To do this, open the processed guest reservation:

Then click on the Cancel Order button under the order details:

Next, you will receive the following series of notifications:
1) You can save the order by providing the guest with an alternative accommodation option, including booking the apartment for the guest on Dobovo by yourself:

If the percentage of canceled orders in your account is exceeded, then you will see a notification that this cancellation will entail automatic blocking of the account:

2) You can book a hotel for the guest or ask the guest to postpone the travel dates:

3) The rating of all your apartments on the site will be reduced, and the opportunity to obtain Expert status will appear only after 6 months:

4) An automatic review with the reason for the cancellation will be added to the apartment, and it will be available for viewing on the site:

5) You will be charged a fine of 50% of the amount of the first night of stay:

6) It will be necessary to indicate the reason for the cancellation of the reservation, which the guest will receive for this order:

If the percentage of canceled orders is not exceeded, then this item will be last.

If the percentage of canceled orders is exceeded, the system will automatically log you out of the system and block your account.
You will not have the opportunity to access your personal account after such cancellation:

The resumption of cooperation is considered individually with each owner at the discretion of Dobovo company. You can contact support for detailed information.