How do I know for sure what is the price for apartment?

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Once you become a member of Dobovo Expert program, you have the opportunity to book an apartment with 10% discount from expert owner.

To make a booking with a discount, you have to make it through a personal profile on Dobovo and select an apartment only with ‘Expert owner‘ mark.


If you choose an apartment without reference to dates, its price will be basic for you. However, as soon as you select dates of your booking, the price will be changed for you. That sum, which you will see after selecting dates, will be final. Consequently, this is the price with 10% discount from an expert owner +5% that you have already got with the loyalty program.

For you, the price of the apartment will look like this:

1) on the main page


2) on the apartment page


  • The first strikethrough price – this is the basic price of the apartment, which is visible to all users;
  • The second strikethrough price is a discount for dates, which the owner set for all users;
  • The third strikethrough price – the price that includes discount from loyalty program (5%);
  • The last red price is a final price with the discount from Expert program.

If the owner does not participate in the Expert program, there will be no ‘Expert owner’ logo. In this case, you will book an apartment with 5% discount from the loyalty program:

1) on the main page


2) on the apartment page


Please note that if you do not log in to your personal profile and will not book an apartment through it, then the price will be displayed as basic (without discounts).

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