What is Dobovo loyalty program?

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Dobovo loyalty program – it is a possibility to get a discount after every new booking.

What do I need to do to get a discount?

To get the first 1% discount, you only need to register as a user on dobovo.com. You will receive a 1% discount, even if you don’t have a booking through our service. The discount is valid only for those users who have a personal account on the dobovo.com. 

The discount amount will increase after each confirmed* booking:

1% – for every user of the site. You can make your first booking with 1% discount.
2% – 1 confirmed booking.
3% – 2 confirmed bookings.
4% – 3 confirmed bookings.
5% – 4 and more confirmed bookings. This is the maximum level of discount.

The discount on the loyalty program will be updated the day after the check-out.

You can check the size of the current discount in your account on Dobovo, in the Loyalty program section.
When you receive the maximum discount on the loyalty program, you automatically become a member of the Expert program and get the opportunity to book accommodation from Expert owners with an additional 10% discount

NB! The discount is valid for the full amount of accommodation in the apartment.

* Only those reservations that were confirmed by prepayment and which were not made any settlement within 1 day after your check-out, take part in the loyalty program.

What if I already have reservations at Dobovo?

You can add your previous booking to your personal account and the system will automatically add you a discount on the next bookings, according to the number of bookings that you add.

Read more about how to do it here. For example, you had an old order and after you add it, your discount will be 2%.

How can I see the amount of discount?

If you are logged in through your personal account on Dobovo and you are making a new reservation via the website, the amount of the rent, which you will see after selecting check-in and check-out dates, will be the final. Therefore, it is the amount of discount, that was accrued to you from Dobovo.

Can the discount be added to others?

Yes, the discount that you get from Dobovo, will be added to the offers and discounts, that owner set to apartments. It also works if you had purchased a coupon for a reservation or received a gift voucher*.

Remember that the amount that you will see after the selection of dates – it is the price with a discount from Dobovo and if you want to use a coupon or voucher, it will be added to the final price.