How to add previous orders to the personal account?

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If you use Dobovo not for the first time and you have old bookings on our site, you can add them to your personal profile.

To do this, you have to find an old order in the e-mail. There you will find its id-number and PIN-code.

Log in to your personal account on Dobovo, and go to My bookings.
Next, click Add booking by ID and PIN-code:


In the new window you have to enter the id-number and PIN-code of the booking and click Confirm:


You can add any of your old bookings, regardless of the order status, but only if you have id-number and PIN-code.

You can also add your old booking if it has been connected to a different name, e-mail, and telephone number. The only case when you can not add the old booking is if it is already attached up to another account.

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