The guest has changed the dates of the stay. How to do the reconciliation?

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If the guest has decided to reduce the period of his stay in the apartment, then you have the right to take a fine from him.
A possible condition for the application of fines may be a reduction by the guest of the period of stay at the time of arrival or during the stay.

If you decide to take a fine from guests for reducing the period of stay, then indicate this information in House rules of the apartment. We recommend immediately indicating the amount of the fine so that guests understand how much they will have to pay in case of changes.

If the guests have changed the length of their stay, they were offered a discount or the financial information of the order changed in any way. To update this information the reconciliation of the order in Dobovo system has to be done.

To update the financial information of an order in the DOBOVO system, you need to:

1. Go to the Owner’s Control Panel

2. Find an Orders modification option on the main page of the site.

3. Click View this booking and select a Reason of reconciliation.

3.1. If the guest has changed the period of his stay (extended or reduced the date of residence), select the MODIFICATION item, enter the New balance in the order and click Request.
New balance means the amount that the guest must pay you upon arrival.

After specifying the New balance when extending/shortening the period of residence, you must go to the Prices and Availability section and close the not available dates or/and open the available dates in the calendar of the apartment you need. The option of changing the dates of the confirmed order in the calendar is available only after sending a reconciliation request.

3.2. If the guest did not appear on the day of arrival, you need to select the NO-SHOW item and click on Request.

3.3. If the guest informed in advance that he will not arrive, you need to select the CANCELLATION item and click on Request.

4. The balance in the order will automatically change after choosing a reconciliation option.

Please note that you can make any reconciliation in the order starting from the day of arrival of the guest until the next day after his departure. You cannot change your reservation at any other time.