How do I add flats that I offer as an agent?

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If you have not only apartments that belong personally to you, but also the ones with which you rent out as an intermediary, we recommend you to follow the following scheme. 

You can register two different accounts on Dobovo. Add only those apartments that belong directly to you to one of the accounts, and those that do not belong to you and you hand over them as an intermediary – to the other. 

Please note that working on “Instant” booking mode gives you an opportunity to get much more orders from Dobovo. Although, this mode requires a responsible approach to keeping the calendar up-to-date and correcting it with every new booking of your apartment.

By dividing accounts you will be able to keep an availability calendar with maximum accuracy, have well-deserved feedback from guests and maintain a high rating of your apartments. On the second account (intermediary), the rating will depend not only on you but also on the direct owner of the apartment.

Dobovo strongly recommends dividing the apartment into two accounts if you want to keep the reputation of your apartments high.
We draw your attention to the fact that upon canceling a booking, the rating is reduced by the account as a whole, regardless of the apartments added to it.