Why am I unable to change the availability schedule?

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If you have no possibility to change availability upon choosing the dates in “Prices & Availability” section in Control Panel, it means that you have import of availability schedule from another source.


This means that the Dobovo calendar will copy the schedule from the website, where from you configured import every 8-15 minutes. Accordingly, if the synchronization schedule is correct, information will be displayed on Dobovo.com after 15 minutes maximum.

An exception is synchronization with the Channel Manager – here the calendar updates instantly and does not require an additional synchronization start.

Is it possible to fast-track the automatic calendar update?

Yes, you can click “Sync now” in the section “Prices & Availability” – “Synchronization tool” and the update will happen instantly.



What if I no longer have access to the graphic source import?

In this case, you must delete the synchronization and you will be able to change the availability schedule on Dobovo. To do this, click on the red button in the table on “Prices & Availability” page – “Synchronization tool”.