Why you need Dobovo.com mobile app?

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Increase sales and save your time with Dobovo.com mobile app for owners

Use its capabilities to the maximum – manage your accommodation, bookings and chat with guests in real time.


Increase the efficiency of your work using the mobile application

Dobovo.com mobile application for owners keeps up to date and expands the functionality for managing properties and reservations. Your feedback and suggestions lay the foundation for improving and updating the application, which allows you to make your work with the system more convenient and understandable.

These are the same features of the Hotelier Control Panel which now are implemented in a convenient version for the smartphone.
Using this application you can easily manage reservations, keep in touch with guests and thereby increase sales results.

The benefits of the Dobovo.com mobile application

Manage your apartment availability and view upcoming arrivals and departures. Receive notifications of new responses and messages from guests and reply promptly to them. Install discounts and offers in just a few clicks and increase the number of bookings.