How to leave a review about the guest in a mobile application

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Now you have the opportunity to leave a review about the registered on the site guests who lived in your apartment.
“You can leave review about 1 guest” line will appear on the main page of the mobile application after the departure of the registered guest. 


Click on this line and select the reservation of the guest about which you want to leave a review.


You can share your impressions of the guest and indicate whether you recommend the guest to other owners in the new window.


If the guest did not book the apartment for themselves, you will see a notification that the reservation was made for another person when viewing the reservation:


This fact should be taken into account when writing a review about the guest since the information you provided will not be true and may mislead the following owners who will host the guest:


You can check the details of the guest and the person who booked the apartment for the guest on the guest information page: