Bookings without prepayment for future dates

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Offer guests to book your apartment not only with prepayment but also without it. You have the opportunity in the Dobovo system to set up such reservations with a check-in on the day of booking, as well as check-in on any other day in the future.

Thus, the guest can make an order with a check-in, for example, in a month and pay you directly on arrival, without making a prepayment on the website in advance.

What is the benefit for you?
You attract more potential guests who, for various reasons, prefer not to make a prepayment to the site or simply do not have such an opportunity. At the same time your apartment remains available for prepaid reservations. Each request for reservation without prepayment will be expected the confirmation from your personal cabinet.

How to set up a reservation without prepayment for future dates?
First, click on “Agree to receive bookings without prepayment for today” green button on the Main page in your cabinet. Then turn on “Booking without prepayment for any dates” button.


After activating this feature, the window will look like this:


How to confirm/reject a request without prepayment?
Click on the request and select “Available” or “Not available” in the “Orders” section of your personal account as indicated below:


In order to disable the possibility of booking without prepayment for any dates in the future, switch the tumbler on the main page, or in the Prices & Availability section above the availability calendar.

To do this, click on the red Reservation without prepayment enabled field:

Then switch the Booking without prepayment for any dates tumbler from green to gray:

If Booking without prepayment for any dates is disabled for your apartments, the field will be highlighted in turquoise color: