What should be indicated in the house rules?

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You have the opportunity to specify the time of check-in and check-out and special rules of living in the apartment when adding an apartment.
The following is an example of the House Rules block in your control panel, in the first step of adding an apartment:


Some values ​are automatically displayed by the system:
– standard time of check-in and check-out;
(when choosing the time of check-in, specify also the time of check-in till – so you let the guest know that you are ready to settle him in a certain period without additional payment)
– the place of transfer of keys;
– prohibition of living with animals;
– mandatory provision of identity documents;
– prohibition of smoking in an apartment;
– prohibition of parties and events.

Also, in the House Rules (additional) block you can specify all that cannot be ticked:
– surcharge for the provision of additional services;
– surcharge for extra bed;
– restriction on age for guests and other rules.

Each of the items you can edit at your discretion.

Also, all the fields of the House Rules block, except the House Rules (additional) block, can be edited independently and after the apartment is added to the site.

When all the house rules are filled, the information on the site will be displayed in this form: