Should I provide the documents confirming the payment?

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The payment system, which carries out acquiring in favor of our enterprise, may require documents confirming the transaction.

The following documents are required for confirmation:
1. Copy of passport (photo).
2. Good quality color images of both sides of the card (only the first 6 or the last 4 digits of the number should be hidden on the front and back of the card. CVV2/CVC2 code should be closed on the reverse side of the card. The privacy policy of the card data will not be violated in this case.)

Documents must be provided by you within 24 hours from the date of payment.

You confirm that the card belongs to you and the payment was made by you by submitting the necessary data.

In case you do not provide the requested documents, your order can be canceled, and the prepayment is returned to the card from which payment was made.
For the safety of users of the site, the cancellation is done from Dobovo side.