Terms and conditions of “Refer a friend” Dobovo.com referral program

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Registered on Dobovo website users participating in “Refer a friend” referral program, may earn referral bonuses through inviting new customers to the service, in case of successful reservation made by the refered customer. Following terms and conditions of referral program (“Refer a friend”) are valid for users who send invitations (advocates) and invited users (referrals) further named as participants.

Dobovo reserves the right to limit the possibility of usage of the program to individual users, implement changes to the referral program, stop temporarily or terminate of referral program without prior notice of the users. Referral bonuses, earned before the termination of the program, will be paid-out in case of following the requirements.

Participants acceptability

Only registered on the website users can be accepted to participate in referral program. The customers must be at least 18 years old to earn referral bonus, it’s obliged to add payment details in the personal account of the member. A prerequisite is that the card should belong to the Ukrainian bank, and its currency – the hryvnia (UAH).
Usage of Dobovo.com referral program is allowed only in non-commercial purposes, only private persons can be accepted to participation. Companies and participants of Dobovo.com partnership program are not accepted as participants of referral program.

Reward for participating in referral program

Reward for participating in referral program will accrue to both advocate and referral in the following cases:

– invited user has registered a traveler’s account on Dobovo.com;
– invited user has made an order on the website for more than 1000 UAH in total;
– reservation made by the invited user is successful (was not canceled by the user, the client has stayed at the booked apartment);
– check-out date for the order has already passed;
– all the requirements of the participation in referral program of these terms and conditions are met.

If the reservation was canceled by the owner, but a new one is issued where the previously paid deposit was used, the advocate and the referral will receive remuneration. The main condition for making a new request is that the name and e-mail address must completely coincide with the data from the canceled reservation.

Every invited participant can earn a referral reward only once.
In case of successful accrual, we will notify advocate and referral about the reward pay-out.
The reward is sent to the set in the user’s account bank details during 20 banking days.
The reward is valid for 6 months after the accrual. In case the user hasn’t set the pay-out method and hasn’t received the referral reward noticed period, it will be cancelled automatically.
Reward is being accused automatically by the system of referral links tracing. Dobovo reserves the right to track the made reservations in order for analysis of compliance to the program’s terms and conditions. In case if the reservation doesn’t meet any requirements set in these terms and conditions, the reward is not being occurred for such booking.
The participants independently are responsible for any tax liabilities, related to the receipt of remuneration.

Invitation dispatch by advocate

Advocate carries full responsibility for disseminating referral links, following privacy policy and can send invitations only to those who can be indeed interested in the service usage.
Usage of a paid advertisement for referral attraction is not acceptable, advocate can not use advertisement services in order to attract customers.

Other conditions

– Advocate and referral can not be one person.
– The order should be made only through the referral link.
– When making several orders or requests, you must either make them on the same device in the same browser window or follow the referral link each time.
– Dobovo can partually provide the advocate with invited by him the user’s reservation details. If you do not accept this, please do not use the received invitation for reservation.
– Advocate’s and referral’s activity in the referral program may be analyzed and investigated on the matter of illegitimate usage.
– Dobovo reserves the right to vary the amount of referral reward at our discretion, or terminate the referral program any time.
– Participants of referral program are obliged to get acquainted with the conditions set forth herein. The fact of usage itself is considered as proof of acceptance of the conditions.