Rules of payments for the partner program

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Payments-rewards to partners for confirmed orders are made in the first week of each month (individual payment conditions are possible for a large amount).
The compensation for confirmed orders where the date of check-out was in the previous month – subject to sending (it is already impossible to change the total amount in such bookings – extension, cancellation, change, etc.).

The minimum amount of sending is 160 UAH. If the balance of the partner for the previous month is less than the minimum payment level, these funds will be credited to the next payment.

You can choose a convenient way to receive payments in the partner`s personal account by going to the Payout – Payout options.


The following options are available for partners:

Privatbank card
Another bank card
Individual entrepreneur or company account


After filling the details for payments, you must click the “Send” button to save the data.
You can change the way receiving funds at any time in this section.