How to mark the availability calendar with the mobile application?

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Dobovo company provides the opportunity to mark the calendar of availability with the mobile app. You can find application on the App Store for IOS users or on the Play Market for Android users.

To mark the calendar of availability, first, open the application, and log into your personal account (type your username and password):

You need to select a calendar on the toolbar. Then choose an apartment the calendar of which you want to update:

The calendar displays the current month. By clicking on the arrow on the right from the month’s name, you can switch to the next month.

The numbers with a white background are all available dates. The green background indicates the dates on which the owner has a booking from Dobovo site. The dates on which the owner has a reservation from the Dobovo website have a bright red background. Yellow background indicates those dates for which an order was placed through the Dobovo website and which is awaiting payment or confirmation of the availability of the apartment from the owner. The burgundy will display the dares that the owner closes independently in the availability calendar:

To close free dates in the calendar (for example from March 18 to March 22, as in the example), click on the first date of the period you want to close (18 March):

After that, click on the last date of the period to be closed (March 22).
After clicking you will need to select the status Not available and click Change:

Selected dates (from March 18 to March 22) will be displayed in burgundy:

It means that these dates, on the site, for this apartment are already closed:

In order to close only one day (for example, March 18, as in the picture), you need to click on it 2 times. After first pressing the number will have a pink background:

You will need to select the Not available status after the second click and confirm the action with the Change button:

You will see that this date is no longer available in the calendar of the mobile application and on the website:

In order to open the dates that were closed by the owner, do the same thing – select the first and the last dates of the period you want to open, or by clicking twice on a date if you want to open only 1 day.