How do I get a gift certificate?

You are here: offers you vouchers for accommodation that you can use in any new booking at a time convenient for you* by making a promotional code upon paying for the order.

1. You can win it. We conduct contests on our Facebook page, so you can win a certificate with a balance from 100 to 100 UAH. Terms and content of the contests can vary. To win a prize subscribe for our Facebook page and don’t miss your chance.

2. You can get a Compensation Voucher. If the owner cancels your confirmed booking, we will not leave you in such a disappointing situation. You will receive a Compensation Voucher with a half of a one night accommodation balance, which you can use in a new booking. Our managers will help you with this.

3. You can buy certificate for yourself or just present it. For more information please visit

*Voucher is valid for 365 days from the moment it was generated