What should I do if I can’t accommodate guest in the apartment that he booked and I want to offer another?

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Situations, when the owner can not provide booked apartment to the client, could happen sometimes.

To resolve this situation as comfortable as possible for the owner and guest, you should always remember that the booking that was confirmed by prepayment is guaranteed. Therefore, the client who has made a prepayment, need exactly that apartment, which he chose on dobovo.com.

In case of discrepancy the photos on the website and the reality, the client can request a refund and 50% compensation of the price per 1 night, according to a user agreement with dobovo.com.

If you cannot accommodate the client in the booked apartment, you must send written notice to the reservation department of Dobovo ASAP (reservation@dobovo.com).
The letter should provide the reason what you can not afford an originally booked apartment and links to alternative apartment on dobovo.com.
After receiving the letter, we will find possible solutions to the situation and report back to you within 1 business day.

Please note that the client should not pay for an alternative version more than for an original reservation. If an alternative option is more expensive, you have to provide guest an additional discount.
The guest also has the right to refuse the proposed variants, regardless of their quality and location.
The written consent of the client to the alternative accommodation is a must, otherwise we will have to solve a controversial situation in favor of the client (return prepaid and additional compensation) regardless of other circumstances.