How to add rooms in hostels and hotels?

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Dobovo reservation centre’s functional allows owners to add not only the apartments, but hostels and rooms in hotels as well.

If you rent a bed in hostel’s room, you should create one ad for each bed. For example, you have six-bedded room of mixed type. To work with us in an instant confirmation mode you need to create 6 ads on the site with its own schedule. If you create only 1 ad and this place in your hostel is booked, it will no longer appear on the site and the guests will not know that you have available rooms.

The main (first) photo of rooms or sleeping places should not be the same as the main (first) photo of another room or sleeping place. In the same way the names of rooms must not be the same. That means, that each ad should have the original name and the original first photo.


Creating multiple ads doesn’t take much time, but significantly simplifies the process of working with the site and brings more customers.

The cost of one bed is worth pointing out considering that it is taken by one person. Therefore, it should be a cost per resident (including Dobovo сommission).

If you have a double (triple) room at the hostel or hotel, you can create one ad for one number and specify the value for the whole room (including Dobovo сommission). In case you have a lot of these rooms, we also recommend you to create one ad for each room.


We remind you that Dobovo reservation center strongly recommend to work in Instant booking mode – this has a positive impact not only on the frequency of bookings, but also on the ranking of apartments on the site.