How to make a personal discount?

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To make a personal discount for the guest open the section My messages on control panel.


On the messages list pick the guest you want to make a personal discount for.

Important! The message should be from a guest with a registered account. It’s easy to check. Their name is a link to their Personal Profile.


In case the name isn’t the link, it means that the guest is anonymous and it’s impossible to make a personal offer for such guest.

Important! The message type should be REQUEST.


If it’s a BOOKING type message:





It’s impossible to make a discount.

To create a personal offer open the chat with the guests page, press on the message of REQUEST type and press the link Create personal discount offer.


After the link is pressed, the fields for creating a personal offer will appear.


In the first field on default will be displayed the apartment of the guests choice. In the list all other apartments available for booking are listed.


The owner can create personal discount both on the apartment of guest’s choice and any other apartment from the list, considering it’s available for booking on the chosen dates. The owner can also change the dates of the offer by clicking on the calendar sign.


In the field Total offer price on default will be stated the actual price for the whole period of stay for the chosen by the guest apartment and dates. This is the price that the guest can see on the page of the apartment now.


Please remember that personal offer – is a discount, so the stated price should be lower than the one currently displayed on the site. Also, remember that this price includes Dobovo commission. In the text field write the message and press the button SEND PERSONAL DISCOUNT OFFER.


In case the owner changes their mind about making a personal discount, they can close the offer window and send the guest a usual text message. To do it press the link Close personal offer


Important! If any date of the personal offer will become unavailable for booking (closed by other booking or on the availability calendar), the offer will be automatically deactivated.

In the section My messages on control panel will be displayed how the message type has changed to OFFER. This means that the owner cannot create a second special offer for the guest until they send a new REQUEST message.