What do I do after the guest confirms his/her booking of my apartment?

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After the client confirms the order of the chosen apartment, the owner receives a confirmation e-mail with the following information:

– client’s contact information, phone number, e-mail – it is necessary to contact the guest before his/her check-in. The owner can always call or send an e-mail to his/her guest before the check-in to talk through all organizational moments ( check-in time, safe-deposit, special booking conditions).
-address and ID of the booked apartment financial information of the order – please pay attention to the amount of the prepayment sent to the DOBOVO system and also to the amount that must be given to the owner when the guest checks in – they’re stated in the confirmation e-mail. Any amount of money sent to the DOBOVO system by the client is displayed in the information about the order right away, and the owner receives an e-mail with the updated financial information.
-dates of the guests stay and the price divided by days.

A shorter version of this information is copied in a text message sent to your contact phone number

After the guest confirms the order, it’s strongly recommended contacting him/her and talk all organizational moments through before the check-in.