Dobovo Booking Center payout rules for owners

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Please read payout rules for owners.

After getting a guaranteed reservation from Dobovo Booking Center you will recieve two payments for this booking.
The first one to be paid by the client at check in, amount of the payment is stated in a confirmation email sent to you from Dobovo system, in the “Balance upon arrilval” section.
The deposit made by client in order to guarantee the reservation to be paid out after guest’s check out.
Dobovo commission is deducted from the deposit and the rest of the prepayment to be sent to you.

Money is transferred to the owner only if the following conditions are met:

– The guests have already checked out:

Dobovo Booking Center makes a payment to the owner for the orders where the guests have already checked out. The reason to that is the fact, that during the stay of the guests, the financial information of the order might change (for example the guests will shorten their stay, they will receive a discount, etc.), and the Dobovo commission will change accordingly.
Guests make a prepayment to the Dobovo Booking Center account to guarantee their accommodation and check-in. According to that, the owner receives the payment in amount of the money left from prepayment, after the Dobovo commission was deducted from it, when guests leave.

– The owner has confirmed* receiving the previous payment from Dobovo system:

You can confirm that you received the payment from Dobovo Booking Center through email or in your Control Panel. After the payment has been sent, the owner receives an email with a link for payment receiving confirmation.

– The owner confirmed that his current balance is correct:

You receive an email with a request to confirm your payment amount (balance) a day after guests leave. Balance is a prepayment made by the guest, with the Dobovo Booking Center commission for the whole stay deducted from it.

If the balance is correct, please confirm it by pressing “Balance correct”. If it is not – press “Balance incorrect” and state, what exactly is wrong with it by sending an email to You can find this information on your Owners Control Panel in “Finance” → “Payments” section as well.

– The owner entered correct bank account information on control panel:

* If you do not confirm the payment within 7 days after it has been sent, it will be confirmed automatically (with no possibility to change it).