Is the availability calendar up-to-date?

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To understand whether an apartment is free is very simple. If you see the Book now button when viewing the apartment, it means that the owner’s calendar was updated less than 48 hours ago. This implies the fact that the availability calendar is actual and the apartment is available for instant booking. This is indicated by the inscription under the button: You do not need to wait for the confirmation of the apartment owner


In the case when the availability calendar has not been updated for more than 48 hours, the apartment will switch from the “Instant” booking mode to the “On Request” mode, and you will see the Request button on the apartment page. There will be a reminder to the action under the button: It is necessary to request confirmation of availability from the owner


For apartments, the owners of which prefer to work in the “On Request” reservation mode, the calendar may also be actual. This information can be seen under the name of the apartment. So you can make sure that the dates are really free, but you can only make a reservation after confirming the availability request from the owner: