How do I pay the deposit?

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You will receive an email with a Payment Link, after you submit your order. This email will contain booking details, price information, cancellation policy and expiration time of the order. Choose any payment system you’d like and confirm your booking.

To confirm the order you can go to the order payment page from the letter, which you will receive by mail or by clicking on Make a prepayment button in your account on Dobovo website:


After you make the prepayment you will receive an automatic email confirmation with the contact information of the owner. If you do not receive an email with confirmation of your booking after you made the prepayment, please contact support department.

There are several methods of making the prepayment:

Payment card:


Cash payment:


Gift certificate:


Without prepayment:

If you want to pay for the accommodation directly to the owner upon arrival and this option is allowed for the selected apartment, then you will have the opportunity to request the owner the possibility of booking Without prepayment upon you proceed to payment. To do this, click on Request without prepayment button:


Then choose the reason why you want to make payment upon arrival and send a request:


If the owner confirms this possibility, the order will automatically be confirmed and you will receive the owner’s contacts.
If your request is rejected, you can confirm the order in any convenient for you way that indicated above.